¿Por qué existen los blogs?

¿Por qué existen esos sitios web donde unos tipos tratan de decirle a otros tipos qué es lo que está pasando? Una reciente encuesta sobre la credibilidad de distintas profesiones arroja luz al respecto. Ocurrió en el Reino Unido; la encuesta fue realizada a casi mil adultos de ese país. Lo cuenta Niall McCarthy para el sitio web Statista.com:

Título: Politicians Rated The UK's Most Dishonest Profession

Texto: According to a new poll conducted by Ipsos MORI, politicans are still the UK's least trusted profession. When asked if they would generally trust politicans to tell the truth, only 17 percent of the poll's respondents said they would. That is a far lower trust level than most other professions. Nurses are at the very top of the trust league with 94 percent, while doctors come second with 91 percent. Even though weather forecasters may not be personally to blame for getting things right all the time, 74 percent of people in the UK consider their profession trustworthy.


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